IT Security

Extreme Networks is the only IT company on the Mornington Peninsula with a Certified Ethical Hacker as part of the team. Coupled with our experience in Server management, database and web design, we provide services around Policy and Procedures for security, auditing, and responding to security threats. Creating a secure network is a process involving patching, training, Anti virus and risk assessment. We can help you with all of these processes to minimise the risk to your data, your reputation and to your business. Our services include setting up anti virus solutions that are easily manageable, to installing Cyberoam firewalls to protect your network and keep track of what websites your staff are visiting to policy and procedure review to server hardening and intrusion detection. If you suspect your network has been hacked, data stolen or altered or want to look at ways of decreasing your exposure to IT security threats, please call Extreme Networks today and ask to speak to James. We had one customer that rang up being unable to send email. After some investigation we found that their IP was listed as sending out spam. Further investigation found that their server had been compromised. Extreme Networks installed a firewall and the spammer stopped immediately. They were able to send email shortly after that.